The Transplant Library is developed by the “Peter Morris Center for Evidence in Transplantation” at the University of Oxford. It provides access to unique expert evidence reviews of clinical trials and guidelines in organ transplantation. All Expert Reviews are contributed by internationally recognized experts.


The Transplant Library includes:

  • Clinical Trial Reviews

  • Clinical Practice Guideline Reviews

  • COVID-19 publications relevant for transplant professionals

  • References to all evidence-based publications on all aspects of organ transplantation (RCTsSystematic ReviewsClinical Practice Guidelines)

  • CME credits (AMA PRA Category 1


The Transfusion Evidence Library provides easy access to all evidence-based publications on all aspects of transfusion medicine, including:

  • Randomized Controlled Trials

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Health Economic Evaluations

Recognized international subject experts contribute Clinical Commentaries for selected studies. The Commentaries focus on the implications for clinical practice.

The Transfusion Evidence Library is produced by the NHS Blood and Transplant Systematic Review Initiative, supported by the UK Blood Services. 


This unique information resource is highly valuable for clinicians, scientists and policy makers from around the world who are interested in the science and practice of blood transfusion and blood alternatives.


The Child Abuse Atlas is a unique educational resource developed for health professionals to help build skills to recognize, understand and communicate the anatomical issues surrounding child sexual abuse.


The Child Abuse Atlas includes over 700 cases with more than 1,500 images covering 150 topics in child & adolescent sexual abuse. Over two dozen video animations help visualize the healing process. Every topic includes cases depicting:

  • Normal Anatomy

  • Congenital and Developmental Variations

  • Trauma and Non-traumatic findings.

Learn the visualization techniques and tools used in sexual abuse examinations.

Learn external anogenital anatomy.


KSR Pain Evidence provides easy access to "evidence reviews" on all aspects of pain. It helps users to make sense of the ever increasing volume and complexity of available “evidence”. KSR Pain Evidence includes:

  • Appraisals of Systematic Reviews

    • All systematic reviews and meta-analyses published on the topic of pain since 2010 have been appraised (using the ROBIS instrument), covering 3,000 topics

    • Appraisals provide a quick “bottom line” conclusion with the key clinically relevant implications of the results reported in the article, and Information about the reliability of the results

  • Evidence Reviews (AGREE II) of Clinical Practice Guidelines

    • AGREE II is recognized as the gold standard for evaluating the process of practice guideline development and the quality of reporting. The appraisals provide a clear insight into the "the strengths and limitations of the body of evidence", which helps users to address the validity of the guideline

  • Relevant clinical trials (RCTs) from PubMed


Nutrition Evidence provides easy access to high-quality nutritional science and lifestyle medicine research, designed to support practitioners’ clinical decisions that enable their delivering effective, individualised evidence-based recommendations.

Papers have been selected to provide the best evidence available for clinical interventions on humans, ideally randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews, as well as meta-analyses and some cohort studies.

A selection of papers include Plain Language Summaries so that they can be understood by the clinician and the non-clinician alike

Nutrition Evidence is available as an Open Access resource that’s searchable in various simple but powerful ways, from running a simple search, to using advanced search syntax or browsing papers by clicking on keywords.


Stem Cell Evidence is a comprehensive collection of high quality research relevant to haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

  • Produced by the NHS Blood and Transplant Systematic Review Initiative

  • Funded by the four UK Blood Services and Oxford Biomedical Research Centre.

  • Stem Cell Evidence is available free of charge.


Articles are pre-selected for clinical relevance and methodological quality, to easily identify high quality papers and to keep up-to-date in your field.


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